La Fioritura

Spring/Summer Collection 24

The magic of La Fioritura in the heart of Italy

Castelluccio di Norcia is a small Italian town, where every year one of the most beautiful and magical spectacles of nature takes place, La Fioritura. It is a spontaneous flowering that transforms the entire plateau into an immense and colorful mosaic of wildflowers in their maximum splendor.

A town that is resurgent

La Fioritura has been especially important for this town for a few years since Castelluccio di Norcia was terribly shaken by the 2016 earthquake and was practically destroyed. Since then, its inhabitants have made great efforts to return to normality. This beautiful spectacle has contributed in a very important way to the reactivation and dissemination of the area.

An ancient tradition

In addition to a unique show, the Fioritura is an ancient tradition that is centuries old. It is even said that it is older than Rome because it would be related to the agricultural tradition of the ancient people who inhabited the area, the Nursini.

An inspiration for mamatayoe

We couldn’t resist the temptation to recreate the beautiful and intoxicating nature of this landscape, colors, lights, aromas… in our new collection. The proposal focuses on the beauty and color of Fioritura, with a wide variety of designs of dresses, skirts, tops and pants in bright tones and floral prints.